About us

When they met in Dusseldorf on Euroshop in 1990 there where 2 of them; the third one was 6 years old. Since then a lot of things have changed and the third one have grown up but they still are dedicated to the same idea and the same industry.Frode, Piotr and Henrik are stand building consultants who have vast knowledge, years of experience and enough energy to handle any kind of project in any place of the world.

This is exactly what our company has to offer: personal skills that help to make your ideas come true and secure your investments by choosing cost effective solutions.

2-expo sp z o.o. is an international enterprise originating from the idea of an united Europe. Frode and Henrik Gislerud come from Norway while Piotr Kraszpulski lives in Warsaw, Poland. These two locations may seem a bit exotic speaking of the European standards but, at the same time, give us a privilege of being a part of vibrant markets in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. With the ownership coming from Norway, 2-expo sp. z o.o. has its office in Warsaw, Poland, the European Union member. Poland is, in fact, the base of our operations and the place from which most of the materials and labour come from. 2-expo provides its customers with a wide range of professional services within the exhibition industry, including custom stand building and 2-storey stands.